The National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) distribute textbooks to students at the primary and secondary level. These books are highly useful for CBSE students and here are six reasons for teachers recommending them.

Clear concepts

To get good marks in examinations, it is important for students to have a clear concept about a subject and its related topics. Highly qualified teachers with years of teaching experience in various schools and colleges write CBSE NCERT books. The concepts are explained in a clear and concise way that gives students correct and accurate information. Worked examples,

info graphics and formulae follow each topic for students to have a solid grasp on the subject.

Special focus on essential topics

There is a special focus on essential topics in CBSE NCERT books. Based on the syllabus, these topics are covered in details. It helps students in their preparation and aids them to score well. These books highlight important topics of each chapter in different subsections with multiple examples and there is no room for any confusion.

Improve self-confidence

Another primary reason behind the recommendation of these books is that it improves the self-confidence of students. Tough analytical problems are explained in a lucid manner with diagrams and step-by-step procedure. There are vital questions in the form of fill in the blanks, match the following and one-word answers at the end of every chapter. With a little guidance, one can easily answer difficult questions during examination.

Platform for competitive exams

These books act as a platform for competitive exams like JEE Mains, AIPMT, NEET and others. For subjects like Mathematics, sums from the above-mentioned competitive exams are added to help students prepare beyond board examinations. In fact, a number of questions in competitive exams are directly picked from these books. Students need not buy additional books if they adequately follow CBSE NCERT books.

Easy and simple language

Experts write these books in an easy language after an extensive research. With simple language, it becomes easier for students to understand a subject and its various chapters. They save a lot of time and allow one to grasp complex topics easily.

Incorporate the latest syllabus

Another major reason for teachers to recommend these books is that they incorporate the latest syllabus prepared by CBSE. The books are upgraded from time to time with the latest information that helps one to remain ahead in the competition. As these books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum, students can easily answer any question asked in board examinations.

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Every form of ice sports demands a different form of skates. No wonder the market today is flooded with ice skates of assorted sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of all kinds of ice skaters. Amid the wide palette of choices accessible, the 5 mostly used are as follows.

5 most widely used ice skates

• Figure ice skates- the beginner variety is generally manufactured of vinyl yet the professional types are generally custom fitted and manufactured of leather for accommodating the flexibility required surrounding the skater’s ankle. Its blades extends approximately to an inch or beyond backside of the boot. The curved fronts in figure ice skates are serrated using toe-picks which allow the skater in performing certain moves. When it comes to the design in its entirety this skate will enable the skater to perform spins, jumps and other moves easily. Although these skates are costly but it is an absolute value for money.

• Recreational ice skates- this is ideal for those who skate not as a professional but as a pastime. It resembles figure skates yet are not so well-constructed and also does not offer the support or padding which a professional figure skater requires. Recreational skates for children are quite affordable.

• Hockey ice skates- these are specially designed for withstanding this rough sport’s physical demands and thus are created differently compared to figure skates. As these skates comes with a boot which angles the wearer’s foot forward it looks quite similar to an athletic shoe. It is light weight and offers enough padding. As a hockey player require being in these skates for quite some time it has been specially designed in being more comfortable and offering more support.

• Speed ice skates- these are designed absolutely different compared to other varieties of skates. For safety reasons the speed ice skates is not suggested for anyone who is not involved actively in this sport. Such skates are made for fast and forward movement and manufactured of lightweight leather and/or other flexible and durable materials which enable the foot in making movements in the natural running position. It comes with longer blades which extend beyond the boot.

• Clap skate- the clap skate made its foray in the year 1990. As opposed to traditional skates where its blades are attached to the boot, in case of the clap skates the blades are fixed to the boot via a hinge towards the front. The clap skate enables the skate blade in detaching from the heel when the skater is actually racing and thereby helps in preventing the blade tip to dig into the ice and also keeping it on the ice level for an extended time period. And its outcome is the skater’s forward momentum and increased pushing power.

These were some of the best and the most widely used ice skates. Prior to buying any, conduct a proper research, weigh its pros and cons, decide why you need and then make the final decision. All the Best!

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In an effort to meet state standards, schools today have implemented rigorous academic programs that push kids to reach their highest potential. Yet, almost every child struggles at some point with mastering the material covered in the core subjects. Whether a child is having trouble understanding complicated equations or just needs some support with comprehending what they are reading, academic tutoring outside of their school day makes a difference in their learning. If you can already hear your child groaning at the thought of having a tutor, rest assured that there is a kid-friendly approach to extracurricular learning that will have your child eager to attend their lessons.

Individualized Targeted Instruction
In a typical public school setting, a teacher may have approximately twenty or more kids in their classroom, which makes it hard to slow down if a child cannot keep up with everyone else’s pace. This is why tutoring sessions should always be one-on-one. This way, the tutor can observe your child’s learning style and tailor the instruction to fit their needs. For example, a tutor may notice that a child learns best by playing interactive math games rather than doing paper and pencil problems. In this instance, they could plan some fun math games to play during homework breaks that stimulate learning.

Real Life Applications
After a long day at school, the last thing most kids want to do is homework. It is also common for parents to simply lack the time to spend hours helping their child complete a project. Quality after-school tutoring programs offer homework assistance along with additional support for research projects. Tutors can help kids set up a schedule to ensure they meet a project deadline. They can also help kids find references, learn how to take notes and build a bibliography. When kids see the effects of their tutoring sessions on actual school assignments, they will be more likely to take learning seriously.

Dedicated Study Area
Having a quiet place to study sets the tone for learning, which is why the right tutoring approach for kids always includes a dedicated study space. Upon entering their study area, a child is able to get mentally prepared for learning. Ideally, it should be away from noisy activities and it should have everything a child needs to work on their homework. For example, computers should be available for researching new information and typing essays. Reference books, such as dictionaries and thesauruses, also make it possible for kids to quickly access the information they need without wasting time searching.

Enrichment Opportunities
While some tutoring programs focus solely on the core subjects, it has been discovered that kids need a variety of learning experiences to round out their education. For this reason, the best tutoring program for kids will include enrichment opportunities that support academic learning. For example, playing chess teaches problem-solving skills that apply to mathematics and science. Alternatively, taking drama class develops speech and language abilities that apply to reading. Including these types of programs into your child’s day will make learning fun.

When your child needs academic tutoring, it is important to find the best program possible. After-school learning programs at camp always offer a well-rounded teaching plan that includes individual instruction combined with fun, interactive lessons that have kids excited about going to their tutoring sessions.

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When it comes to courses, massage courses are very common since it can provide individuals good job opportunities. In addition, massage courses can also help individuals improve their future. That is why more and more are now enrolling in sports massage courses. However, some individuals make mistakes in choosing such courses. To prevent these mistakes from happening, below are some of the most common things you need to know.

Not investing time in comparing course providers

One of the main mistakes individuals make when choosing sports massage courses is not investing time in comparing service providers. Massage courses are quite popular these days. That is why more and more educational institutions offer such services. However, not every course provider offers the same lessons. Not to mention, you may also find that course providers also have different course rates. Therefore, individuals need to exert effort and invest in time to look for course providers who can accommodate their needs properly.

Neglecting educational facilities

The next mistake that individuals make when choosing sports massage courses is neglecting educational facilities. Surely, enrolling in institutions with good educational facilities can make a huge difference with regard to your skills and knowledge. This is possible since massage equipment allows individuals to provide better services to their clients. In addition, knowing how to use special massage tools can also help you gain better job opportunities. So, before enrolling, you need to check if the institution is equipped with the best massage tools.

Enrolling in a course with limited lessons

Another common mistake that individuals make with regard to choosing massage courses is enrolling in a course with limited lessons. You may find institutions that have the right tools, but there are cases when courses offer limited lessons. As a result, some individuals cannot provide the best massage services for their clients.

Not checking the instructor’s credibility

Finally, individuals also forget to check the instructor’s credibility. Of course, even if institutions can provide reliable lessons and provide the right massage facility, having inexperienced instructors can easily affect your knowledge and skills. Because of this, there are instances when individuals may experience certain difficulties in understanding the lessons. Not to mention, it is imperative to ensure that instructors are certified in teaching sports massage lessons to ensure that you can gain the right techniques.

By knowing all these, individuals can find the right massage courses that can provide them with the best benefits to improve their careers.

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