Are you living in Somerset and are looking for woodchip suppliers? Woodchip is a material that is commonly used in biomass boiler systems both at homes and business establishments. With the dwindling energy resources globally, it makes perfect to use alternate solutions in the form of biomass boilers with the help of woodchip.


The United Kingdom government has made it very strict on the usage of power and energy consumption and is coming down heavily on individuals and businesses which are not making use of alternative resources. This is when you will want to consider using woodchip for your biomass boiler, which can be an expensive investment.

But, there are several firms who provide woodchip in Somerset and choosing the best one is not the same as picking up the first thing you see in a store. It is more to that.

Hence you will want to know few pointers on how to choose a woodchip supplier.

How many years of experience do they have?

The years of experience of the woodchip supplier firm are important. When a woodchip supplier firm has been in business for several years, then you know that you are purchasing the product from a seasoned firm. Though you can consider buying woodchip from a newly formed company, you never know about the quality of the products, which are very important as far as a biomass boiler system is concerned.

Do they have the right certifications and licenses?

The certifications and licenses of the woodchip supplier are important. Unless they are registered by the proper authorized governmental agency, you are purchasing woodchip from an unreliable firm. The quality of the woodchip is very important. That ensures that you are using the right amounts too, which are prescribed in the biomass boiler system.

Check the online community reviews which can be crucial for your decision

What the online community feedback and feels about the various woodchip for biomass boilers companies is crucial in making the right decision. This is because some of them might have used woodchip for biomass boiler earlier in their homes or business establishments from some of these woodchip for biomass companies. Based on their experience, they will provide their personal experiences, feedback and recommendations.

Though woodchip can be an expensive investment, their long term benefits are immense and moreover government agencies are helping people financially who have installed these biomass boilers at home or in their firms. It is their way to encourage people to install them in their homes for personal use too.

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